Dual Citizenship In Macau

Dual Citizenship In Macau: An Expats Guide

Torn between two passports? Ready to harmonize your global identities? Worry not! We’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll waltz through the complexities and perks of holding allegiance to both Macau and another nation. Welcome to the dual-citizenship dance in Macau!

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About Macau

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Macau is one of the more interesting places in China. Located extremely close to the bustling city of Hong Kong, Macau also has its roots in colonial rule, but in this case, the Portuguese ruled Macau for 400 years

Macau once again became part of China in 1999, and since then, it has continued to grow as one of the most prominent tourist attractions in all of China and the critical spot for those in Hong Kong to come to relax on the weekends.

Macau has always been an exotic location that expats have flocked to, and many expats stumble upon Macau once in Hong Kong. 

Macau is a little more relaxing and green compared to Hong Kong, and for those who are looking for a slower pace of life, fewer crowds of people, and one of the best gambling in the world, Macau can’t be beaten.


The climate of Macau is the same as Hong Kong since they are so close to one another. 

Expect a subtropical climate that can be seasonal in temperature. For instance, the summers can be brutal, climbing high into the 90’s for both the temperature and humidity. 

During the summer, expect an occasional typhoon and plenty of rain; on the other hand, winter, which lasts from January to February, can be pretty cold. Temperatures can sometimes hover around 40 degrees

For those seeking a short-term visit, the best time of the year for Macau is the fall. During this time, the temperatures are comfortable, and the air is not as humid.

When packing, take the necessary clothing to fit the season. During the summertime, it is the best time of year to wear clothing that breathes easily and dries quickly. 

Cotton is usually your best bet. While most expats usually buy their clothing once in Macau, make sure you are at least prepared for the season that you arrive.


Macau is considered a limited democracy. It is part of China; however, it enjoys, for the most part, its own autonomy. In 1999, the Portuguese Government handed over control to China. China has a policy of one country two systems, which is similar to Hong Kong. 

This allows Macau to stay relatively the same as it was for the next 50 years when the Chinese Government will likely replace the local Government.

While China does not have an exemplary record on human rights, for the most part, Macau has not been impacted by its relationship with China. You can learn more about the Government of Macau at the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government.

Tax System

The tax system is very similar to that of Hong Kong. While many different taxes are collected, most expats will only pay several types. Macau has a territorial tax policy in place, which means your income is only taxed for what is created in Macau. 

If your income is derived from other sources than those residing in Macau, it is nontaxable. There is a tax structure that goes from 2% to 15% of your income for income tax. The corporate tax rate is similar, from 3% to 12%.

Besides income tax, there are also property taxes, franchise taxes, inheritance tax, professional tax, etc. You can find out more information at Macao Taxation.

Medical Care

Medical care in Macau is very high quality and similar to what you would find in the West and Hong Kong. Most doctors and staff speak English, and no matter what your illness or injury, there is a hospital that specializes in the care you need. 

For the most part, credit cards are accepted. If you have a health insurance plan from a Hong Kong employer, you should be okay as well. 

For those that have health insurance from the States, research whether or not your insurance is taken at any of the Macanese or Hong Kong hospitals, clinics, or doctor offices.

Real Estate

Purchasing real estate in Macau is straightforward. However, be prepared for sticker shock. Most residents live in government housing. Usually, small tenements lack the comforts we are all used to back home. 

If you are looking for a small apartment for an investment, expect New York City prices and then some. You can easily spend a million dollars plus on a one-bedroom and, in many cases, two million dollars for a 3 bedroom. Most expats either rent or stay with friends.

If you want to save a little on real estate in Macau, live on the fourth floor of any building. The Chinese (Macanese) are very superstitious, and the word four (sei) is very close to the word for death). Using this tip can save several thousand dollars or more.

As far as apartments go, finding a decent apartment can be time-consuming and cost highly high prices. 

Before coming to Macau, make sure you plan your stay very carefully. Because of the high prices of both Macau and Hong Kong, many expats who come to Hong Kong looking for fun and adventure leave very quickly due to the excessive cost of living.

Cost of Living

The good news is that Macau is less expensive than Hong Kong; the bad news is that it is still one of the most expensive places in Asia. Macau is for a certain type of expat, mainly for those who have a large bank account or a well-paying job. 

While teaching English or doing odd jobs and making it in Macau is feasible, life will be tough. Expect the majority of your expenses on housing, food, and entertainment. 

Shopping can also be expensive, but bargains can be found.

What Is Dual Citizenship?

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You may have heard the term “dual citizenship” before but have not been entirely sure what it meant. It is a complex question since the concept can mean different things to different people. For one thing, dual citizenship is different from having a second citizenship.  

Simply put, dual citizenship means being a citizen of two countries simultaneously. A person is a dual citizen when he lives in one country but is also a citizen of another. But there are other ways to look at it, too. 

For example, dual citizenship exists when someone holds two passports from different countries. Or when someone is a national of two countries.  

Dual citizenship is not permitted in every country. Countries have different laws on dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is a complex matter, so it is essential to research the laws of both countries before deciding to become a dual citizen.

Why Is Understanding Dual Citizenship Important?

Relinquishing your original passport could be better. However, trading one passport for a more powerful one is okay. Before making such a decision, you need to know all about the countries that allow dual citizenship and those that do not.

Some countries still strictly forbid acquiring a second passport. 

However, in recent years, several countries have fostered a more favorable attitude toward allowing their citizens to hold Dual Citizenship, either through recognizing Dual/Multiple Citizenship or amending their requirements for naturalization.

The Benefits Of Dual Citizenship

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Global Mobility

Some passports do not allow travel to any destination and can be restrictive. Restrictive passports make traveling a complex matter as travel visas must be obtained. 

A second passport can solve that problem by increasing one’s mobility and removing the bureaucracy from the equation.  


One of the benefits of dual citizenship is guaranteed residence in multiple countries. Residence can be a significant advantage for individuals who wish to live and work in more than one country.  

Property Ownership

Following local laws and regulations, dual citizenship makes property ownership possible.  


Acquiring second citizenship opens the doors to many business opportunities and concludes business deals that were otherwise unavailable or hard to come by based on the original passport.


Obtaining a second passport from a stable country puts your mind at rest. In the event of any social, political, or economic instability in one’s own country, you maintain a plan B.    

Cultural Immersion

Being a citizen of another country is an opportunity to learn about another culture, tradition, and way of life.  

Quality Of Life

By obtaining dual citizenship, you can access world-class education, health care, and an enhanced lifestyle.

High Net-Worth Families

In particular, gain several benefits through dual citizenship. 

By obtaining Dual Citizenship status, these families have the means to unlock their full potential by accessing better opportunities in another country. 

These opportunities include securing the family’s future through education, health care, or a better lifestyle.

The Processes Of Obtaining Dual Citizenship

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The process of obtaining dual citizenship varies from one country to the other. Examining the laws and regulations of the countries where you want to obtain dual citizenship is essential. The following are just some of the processes:  


An individual can be a non-resident but still gain citizenship if their parents were born in that country. 

You might claim dual citizenship if you were born in certain countries. For instance, if you were born in the United States to parents from another country, you may be eligible for dual citizenship. 


An individual can acquire citizenship for a certain number of years as a permanent resident. For example, permanent residents of Canada must reside in Canada for four out of six years to be eligible to apply for citizenship. 

However, individuals with temporary status must gain permanent residency to start counting their years as residents toward the citizenship requirement.    


Some countries grant permanent resident status upon marriage with a citizen, which speeds up the time needed to become an official citizen. 


Many countries now offer citizenship or residency through investment programs to high-net-worth individuals. Citizenship by investment is acquiring second citizenship by investing in the host country’s economy. 

Residency by investment programs offers permanent residency after the investment, which again speeds up the time to citizenship.

Does Macau Offer Dual Citizenship?

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Macau is considered a territory of China and, for the most part, follows China’s citizenship laws. China does not recognize dual citizenship.

As a former colony of Portugal, it is possible to have dual citizenship in China and Portugal for those with a previous or ongoing relation to Macau.

Is Living In Macau Worth Giving Up Your Citizenship?

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Macau is a particular administrative region of China located on the country’s southeastern coast. The city is known for its casinos and resorts, which attract visitors from all over the world.

Macau has a rich history and culture, and there are plenty of things to see and do in the city.

If you’re planning on visiting Macau and still asking the question “Is Macau Worth Visiting?” keep reading because here’s everything you need to know before going.

Macau is a small city with a population of just over 600,000 people. The official languages are Chinese and Portuguese, but English is also widely spoken. The currency is the pataca (M.O.P.), pegged to the U.S. dollar.

Safe Place To Live In

Macau is generally considered a safe place to visit. The crime rate is low, and there are plenty of police officers and security guards visible throughout the city.

However, there are always risks when traveling to any new place, so taking basic precautions is vital.

Only carry some valuables with you, and keep an eye on your belongings in busy areas. Be aware of your surroundings at night, and avoid walking alone in deserted areas.

Is Macau Worth Visiting?

Although it is often overshadowed by its larger neighbour Hong Kong, Macau is a unique and vibrant destination in its own right.

Thanks to its rich history and a blend of cultures, Macau offers visitors a wide range of attractions. The city’s colonial past is evident in its architecture, with grand European-style buildings standing alongside traditional Chinese temples.

Meanwhile, Macau’s diverse food scene offers something for everyone, from Cantonese Dim Sum to Portuguese pastries.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Macau is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Hence, living here as a resident would also be a great option.


With dual citizenship in Macau, you get the best of both worlds. Embrace the opportunity, cherish the privileges, and navigate the intricacies with confidence.

Here’s to a world without borders – at least for you!

Dual Destinies!

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