Spouse Visa in Macau: All You Need To Know

Macau, a vibrant city with a unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures, offers more than just its world-renowned entertainment industry and historical sites.

For those looking to bring their spouse to live in this dynamic region, understanding the spouse visa process is crucial.

This guide is designed to walk you through the essential steps, requirements, and tips for navigating the spouse visa application process in Macau, ensuring you and your partner can embark on this exciting new chapter together.

Let’s dive in!

What Is The Eligibility Criteria?

A crucial thing about using a Visa in Macau is that you should be legally married to your spouse.

Any other type of relationship papers or joint law partnerships hold no legal value in the Macau visa process, and you won’t be able to apply for the spouse visa. 

Moreover, your sponsor, in this case, your partner, should have a job here and should be staying on a legal work permit for you to get a spouse visa. Your sponsor’s work status is critical in determining whether you would get a visa. 

Macau is an expensive city because it is a tourism hub and other similar industries. Hence, you must demonstrate that you possess the financial means to survive in this country. 

It would help if you showcased a paper trail of your bank statements, pay receipts, and other Proof of income details. 

You should possess a good character certificate, which is often available from a police station near you. This certificate is essential, and hence, if you do not have a clean criminal background, it might be difficult for you to get a spouse visa. 

You must also show some lab testing results for common viral illnesses and Proof of residence. 

This could be a hotel room booking or a proof of residence from your spouse in Macau. 

What Steps Are In The Application Process?

Let’s talk about the application process and the procedures you might need to follow, step by step, to reunite with your spouse in Macau!

1. Fill forms 

The first task in getting your spouse’s Visa is to fill out the necessary forms. These forms must be filled out before gathering your documents. 

This form can be collected from the official website of the immigration office of Macau. Moreover, download the correct form for the dependent Visa of a non-resident worker. 

2. Check The Deadlines 

You should make an Excel sheet with the required and essential documents. Moreover, making a timeline on an Excel sheet is vital to meeting all deadlines. Write these deadlines somewhere and plan your trip accordingly. 

3. Documentation 

Many documents are required when applying for a non-resident worker-dependent visa. Some of them are passports, Proof of income, etc. 

4. Complete And Submit The Application

Now, you should complete all other necessary forms as well. Make sure that your documents are arranged and in order. Moreover, attach your documents to your form after this step and apply for the Visa. 

You can submit your Application to the Visa office of Macau either online or by sending the documents by post. There might be a small fee for the process, so pay it on time. 

5. Biometric Verification 

For many reasons, some Visas in Macau need biometric verification in the shape of a fingerprint scan or thumb impressions. Check-in with the Visa office by calling their helpline if you need to do anything. 

6. Processing Time And Waiting For Approval 

After submitting the Application, you will be notified by email whether your visa application request was approved. If it is approved, you will be told to collect your Visa. You can collect your Visa from anywhere the Visa Office asks you to. 

However, once you get your Visa, make sure to check whether all the details are correct or not. 

What Are The Documentation Requirements?

We previously didn’t discuss the documents needed to apply for this type of Visa. Let us discuss and list these topics so you can include them in your Application. 

1. Passport And Visa Copies:

Make sure to attach clear and readable copies of the passports of both the sponsor and the spouse and attach copies of any existing visas or entry permits held by them,

2. Marriage Certificate:

A certified copy of the marriage certificate would be needed to prove the legal marital relationship between the sponsor and the spouse.

3. Proof Of Sponsor’s Employment:

This is very important; you should add copies of the sponsor’s employment contract in Macau. Additionally, a letter from the sponsor’s employer confirming their employment status and the duration of their contract is required.

4. Financial Documents:

You also have to attach the bank or financial statements demonstrating the financial stability of the sponsor. Add Proof of the sponsor’s ability to support the spouse financially during their stay in Macau.

5. Health Examination Reports:

A medical examination report for the spouse indicates good health and the absence of infectious diseases. This is typically done by authorized medical institutions recognized by Macau’s immigration authorities.

6. Accommodation Proof:

As discussed earlier, you will need documentation proving suitable accommodation in Macau, such as a rental agreement or a confirmation letter from the sponsor’s residence.

7. Photographs:

Remember to attach recent passport-sized photographs of both the sponsor and the spouse, adhering to the specifications outlined by the immigration authorities.

8. Identity And Relationship Documentation:

This part is a no-brainer, as your national identification cards are at the top of the checklist of documents provided. 

What Are The Financial Requirements?

The main Proof of finances is the sponsor’s pay slip and income proof. You can also add to the employment contract, highlighting the employment tenure and other details to strengthen your case further. 

Bank statements are another proof of stable income you will need to demonstrate.

Usually, a stable three-month bank statement is enough for you to show; however, we urge you to maintain a six-month bank statement with sufficient funds to show in your Application. 

Moreover, you will also need to show Proof that you have paid your rent if you have rented a hotel room or an apartment. 

If you own a building, Proof of mortgage payment might be mandatory.

Also, Proof of health insurance is essential from your sponsor. The sponsor must get health insurance for themselves and their partners for the stay. 

Lastly, these income statements must be validated through the sponsor’s income tax returns. Those proofs are handy as well. 

What Is The Processing Time?

The processing time for spouse visa applications in Macau can vary based on various factors, including the type of Visa, the accuracy of the Application, and the current influx of applications to the immigration authorities. 

You keep on the official channels regularly, like the visa office website. Moreover, you can make it a habit to call the visa authorities regularly and ask for updates! Hence, there is no fixed time, so follow the steps correctly and wait for the results. 

What Is The Interview Process?

There are no interviews for spouse visa applications currently in Macau. However, depending on your case, the Visa authorities might ask you to schedule an interview.

You do not need to panic even if they ask for an interview. You should demonstrate confidence and give concise and accurate answers. 

The questions may range from your visit to Macau to your marriage to the sponsor and where you intend to stay, among other things. Hence, it won’t be something you have yet to encounter before in your visa application journey. 

What Are The Renewal And Extension Procedures?

The renewal procedure is similar to applying for the Visa. The requirements will remain the same. Hence, you do not need to worry about providing additional documentation. 

Moreover, all the relevant forms can be downloaded from the visa office’s website.

Fill out those forms and provide all the relevant documentation regarding the income, as you did before. 

Submit the Application and pay the fees. You will be notified when you can collect your renewed or extended Visa!

However, make sure to preplan everything well before your date of expiry because if you want your Visa to expire before applying for the Visa again, you will risk your legal status in the meantime!

What Are Your Rights And Responsibilities?

When you are granted the spouse visa, you are granted several rights, the biggest of which is that you can legally reside in Macau. 

There are several other rights, which we shall list below:

  1. You can move freely in Macau without any restrictions or need for approval.
  2. You are entitled to excellent public services within Macau, such as healthcare and education
  3. You also have certain legal rights and can use them during disputes and issues. 
  4. You can apply for permanent residency after holding a spouse visa in Macau. Hence, it’s an excellent pathway to your dream life in Macau. 

What Are The Common Challenges And Solutions You Need To Know?

The most common challenges include meeting the criteria for eligibility and financial health. Hence, you should check all the paperwork and ensure you comply with all the laws allowing you to apply for this Visa. 

Moreover, getting lost in the endless paperwork and documentation needed to apply for this Visa is very important. 

Hence, we recommend that you seek professional help from an immigration lawyer!

A clean bill of health is significant for any visa, and these checkups may reveal hidden illnesses that can be treated in time. You can apply for this Visa with a clean health bill. 

However, there can be processing delays or changes in immigration policy at any time. Hence, do your research well in advance, plan out everything, and then apply! Leave no stone unturned when it comes to research

What Are Appeals And Rejections?

In the case of a rejection, you always have the right to appeal your case. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when doing so. 

Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

  1. Clearly state your reason and intent in your introduction. 
  2. Understand the reasons or the grounds on which your Application was rejected. 
  3. Address anything you think might have hindered your Application and messed it up, and give further clarifications if necessary. 
  4. Address the visa office’s concerns and show them how you have sorted out the issues promptly and how you are still eligible for the Application. 
  5. Express your heartfelt intention to visit your spouse in Macau, and remember not to forget about getting the Visa. 
  6. Your tone is the most essential thing in this appeal you are writing; hence, work on getting your point across efficiently. 

What Are Some Tips For A Successful Application?

There is no magic trick for getting a spouse visa quickly. Ultimately, your visa application will boil down to understanding the basics, researching, and following deadlines promptly. 

However, there are certain things to keep in mind when applying for a non-resident worker’s dependent Visa:

  1. Understand the timelines, eligibility criteria, and other things. Do your deep research and not rely only on blogs and other sources. 
  2. Plan early and start your process well before the deadlines to apply. 
  3. Ask others who have gone through the process before you so you can learn from their experience. 
  4. Maintain a constant line of communication with the immigration office so you can know the status of your Application on time. 
  5. Make it a habit to read about the evolving changes in immigration policies


Securing a spouse visa is a significant step towards building a life together in Macau. With the right preparation and understanding of the process, you can navigate the application with confidence.

Macau offers a rich tapestry of experiences for its residents, and with your spouse by your side, you’re well-positioned to enjoy all that this unique city has to offer. Welcome to your new adventure in Macau!

Together in Macau!

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