Student Visa In Macau

Student Visa In Macau: The Ultimate Guide

Stepping into the vibrant world of Macau as a student? Beyond the glittering casinos and rich history, there’s an academic journey awaiting you. Fret not! We’ve got you covered!

Let’s demystify the path to securing a student visa for Macau and set you on course for an enriching experience.

Let’s dive in!

Study In Macau: Macanese Student Visas And Permits

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Broadly speaking, you do not require a study visa for Macau before you arrive in the country. You will need a visa to enter the country, and once you are here, you can then apply for a study visa and change your status.

Once you have successfully obtained admission at a Macanese university, they will also help you navigate the visa process and guide you through the formalities.

There are certain eligibility conditions that you must fulfill before applying for the study visa. These include the following:

  • You should not have been expelled from Macau for any reason.
  • Should not be entering Macau regularly unless you have demonstrated genuine reasons.
  • Should not have been denied entry, travel or stay in accordance with the law.
  • Must not have taken part in any activities that are criminal in nature or have the intention of committing a crime.
  • The time limit on the original Authorization to Stay is not long enough for a student to be able to stay in Macau until their program ends.

Which Are Macau Visa Types For Study Purposes?

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There is only one type of student visa issued by the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR), and it is issued to anyone wishing to pursue full-time study in Macau. It is also known as the Special Authorization to Stay (for non-resident students).

Where And How To Apply For A Macau Study Visa?

Most visa applications are submitted at an embassy or consulate of the People’s Republic of China in your country. For the study visa, the process will be handled through the Immigration Department of the Macau SAR government.

To apply for the study visa, you will typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Gather the necessary documentation
  2. Make sure to visit the office well in advance
  3. Wait for the visa to be processed

Gather The Necessary Documentation

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You will need the following documentation when applying for a study visa in Macau:

  • A passport that has a validity of at least six months, along with a copy.
  • Two passport sized photographs that have been recently taken.
  • A completed copy of the visa application form. You can get this at the nearest consulate or embassy or the Macau Immigration Department. It can also be found online on the Public Security Police Department’s website here.
  • Proof of your plane tickets that got you to Macau, as well as booking for approved accommodation.
  • If the course that you are enrolled in will last 6 months or less, you will also need proof of booking for the return ticket.
  • Proof that you have sufficient financial resources to cover your trip. Alternatively, you will need a signed letter from a sponsor saying that they will cover all your expenses and that you will not be applying anywhere for aid or scholarship.
  • A letter of acceptance from the university that you will be attending.
  • Letter from the university acknowledging that you have paid the fee.
  • The Authorization to Stay slip that will be given to you when you arrive in Macau. You will need both the original and a copy (this is for the countries for which you are not required to obtain a visa before arrival).
  • Standard vaccination certificates, including those for yellow fever and typhoid.

Make Sure You Visit The Office Well In Advance 

You do not necessarily need to have an appointment to submit your application for the student visa. You can simply visit the Immigration Department during office hours i.e. on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Wait For The Visa To Be Processed

Once you have submitted your application, wait for it to be processed. While you wait, the Immigration Department will issue a receipt to you.

This is written in English and can be used until the visa is issued, whenever you leave or enter Macau.

Important Things To Know As A Macau Visa Applicant And/Or Holder

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  • You will need a separate work permit if you want to take up a part-time job to support your living expenses in Macau. Generally, students are not allowed to work alongside their studies.
  • If you wish to work on your university campus e.g. working in student services, the administrative offices or your school library, you will not require a work permit.
  • If you wish to find work off-campus, knowing Chinese and/or Portuguese might prove to be handy and improve your chances in the local market.
  • Macau SAR generally only issues study visas to students who enroll in full-time programs, and not part time ones.
  • The study visa usually has a validity of one year only. You will need to renew your visa before its expiration date, by applying to the Macau Immigration Department.

Macau Student Visa Fee

The application fee for this visa is 100 Macanese Pataca. If you wish to apply for express processing, you will need to pay an extra fee.

Similarly, if there is any additional complexity in your case which requires communication with the Department of Residence and Stay Affairs, then you will be charged for it too.

How Long Does It Take For A Macanese Student Visa To Process?

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Once you have submitted all the required documents, you should give a total of around 6 months for the visa to be processed. This is the maximum time however, and you can expect to actually receive the visa much sooner in most cases.

Alternatively, you can also request an emergency/urgent visa. You can get this either when you arrive in Macau or it will be issued in advance at the embassy.

During the time that the visa is being processed, you can still enter Macau and study. You will only need to show the receipt that the Immigration Office issues to you at the time of application, until your visa is granted.


Macau isn’t just about lights and legends; it’s a hub of learning and growth. Now that you’re well-versed in the student visa process, your academic adventure in Macau is just pages away. Study on!

Study Spectacle!

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