Tourist Visa In Macau

Tourist Visa In Macau: A Simple Guide

Thinking of glimmering casinos, vibrant street markets, and a rich fusion of Portuguese and Chinese heritage? Worry not dear expats! We’ve got your Backs!

Before you immerse yourself in Macau’s multifaceted allure, a tourist visa might be your passport. Embark on a journey to understanding Macau’s gateway essentials.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A Tourist/Visitor Visa To Macau?

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A tourist visa will let you travel in Macau and visit all the local attractions. In all cases, you must have your passport or other valid and accepted travel document with you at all times when travelling to Macau. 

The tourist visa can be issued for periods ranging anywhere from 14 to 180 days, depending on which country’s passport you hold.

Do I Need To Apply For A Tourist Visa To Visit Macau?

There are a total of 81 countries whose citizens are exempt from obtaining an entry permit or a visa. These include countries like Australia, USA, UK, South Africa and many other European countries. 

In these cases, you will be allowed to stay in Macau for a certain period without a visa.

Even if you do not require a visa for your stay, make sure your passport has a six month validity, you have proof of your flights both coming in and going out of Macau, and have proof of sufficient funds (at least 5000 Macanese Pataca), and all the documents required for your next travel destination.

Keep in mind that if you wish to visit mainland China or even Hong Kong on your trip, you will need to apply for visas for them separately.

How To Obtain A Macanese Tourist/Visitor Visa?

Since Macau is not an independent country, you will need to contact the Chinese embassy in your country if you wish to travel to Macau. 

If there is no Chinese consulate/embassy or diplomatic representation in your country then you will need to apply through a representative.

The steps in the application process will include the following:

  1. Research in detail about the documents and other requirements.
  2. Find out where you will need to apply for the visa e.g. at the embassy or visa center etc.
  3. Get an appointment for the interview, where you will also present the documents.
  4. Pay the fee for the visa.
  5. Wait for your application to be processed. You will then be informed about your visa application status.

Macau Tourist/Visitor Visa Application Requirements

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There are certain documents that you will need when applying for the tourist visa for Macau. These include the following:

  • A completely and truthfully filled out copy of the visa application form. This form must be typed (not handwritten) and signed.
  • One color photograph attached to the application form. This photo should be recent, in 33mm x 48mm size, and be a front view without any head covering.
  • A document for proof of purpose of visit e.g. leisure, visiting family, work or study. 
  • Your passport, along with a copy of the passport face page, any previous visas for Macau and any other valid developed countries’ visas.
  • Proof of flight reservation for air tickets to and from Macau.
  • Your day-to-day travel itinerary and accommodation arrangements. These can include proof of hotel reservation or even an invitation letter if you are visiting friends and family here.
  • A document to attest to your financial status and that you possess sufficient funds. This can include a bank statement not older than 3 months, employment certificate, savings in your deposit account or even a tax receipt etc.

You might also be requested to present supplementary documentation depending on the requirements of the Chinese diplomatic mission or other relevant office accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in your country.

Where To Apply For A Macau Tourist/Visitor Visa?

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You can get your Macanese tourist visa from the embassy or consulate of the People’s Republic of China in your country.

When To Apply For A Tourist/Visitor Visa To Macau?

If you are coming in from certain countries, you can apply for the visa or entry permit upon arrival. However, for certain other countries, you will need to obtain a visa prior to your trip to Macau.

Visa Fees For A Tourist/Visitor Visa

The entry permit costs 100 Macanese patacas for an individual. However, if you travel in groups there are certain reductions in fees. For children under 12, you will only need to pay 50 patacas whereas families who are traveling together will pay a fee of 200 patacas for all family members.

If you travel as part of a group, then you will need to pay 50 patacas per person as long as the group comprises at least 10 people, presents a collective travel document and is managed by a single travel agent.

Additional charges might apply if you request an express or extra express visa (meaning an application for your visa to be processed quicker). 

There is also a communication fee for relating to the Macau Stay and Residence Affairs Department, if your application requires that.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Macau Short Stay Visa For Tourism?

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The short stay visa for Macau has a fairly short processing time. You will usually be able to receive it within 5 working days for most countries. 

For an extra fee, you can get the express visa in 3 working days, and the extra express visa on the same or next working day!

In some cases, if your application needs to be referred to the Immigration Department of the Government of Macau SAR for some reason, the application time might go up to 15 days.

How Long Can You Stay In Macau With A Tourist Visa?

Depending on the country that you are coming from, the duration of your stay in Macau can vary a great deal. If you are a Hong Kong permanent resident, you can stay here for a year. If you have a British nationality, this will be six months

For citizens of the European Union, Egypt, Brazil, among others, the maximum stay can be 90 days. And for some countries, the maximum allowed stay will be even shorter: 30 or even 14 days for some.

If you have entered Macau on a short stay status, you can apply to extend this Authorization to Stay. This extension can be a maximum of 90 days and can be done through the local office of the Servico de Migracao.

This extension of the visa is free of charge but must be submitted at least five days before your current permit expires. You should also be able to justify this extension with relevant documentation. The acceptance of such a petition is completely dependent on the discretion of the immigration officer.

If you overstay the time mentioned on your entry permit, you may be fined 500 Macanese patacas for every additional day. The government also reserves the right to immediately deport you, and you might have trouble returning to Macau in the future.

Can A Macau Tourist Visa Be Converted Into a Residence Permit?

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If you are visiting Macau on a tourist, in some cases you might want to convert this to a residence permit. 

You will be issued a temporary residence permit if you have been hired by a local or international company based out of Macau, make an investment into the local economy or are an immediate relative (spouse or child) of someone who already lives in Macau.

The requirements for this visa might differ slightly. In particular you will need some proof of the purpose of your stay in Macau e.g. if it is related to work, investment or family ties etc. 

Employment documentation can include a job offer, description of duties, proof of your qualifications etc.

Investment documentation can include proof of the transfer of funds, investment proposal, business registration and tax certificates, or agreement for the lease of office premises etc.

Other documents include valid ID, a complete copy of the application form, copies of the passport, photographs and proof of your relationship with the accompanying dependents.


From the glitz of the Cotai Strip to the historic lanes of Taipa Village, Macau is a traveler’s dream. With your visa particulars in order, the magic of this East-meets-West enclave beckons. Adventure Awaits!

Macau Magic!

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