Work Employment Visa In Macau

Work Employment Visa In Macau: Explained

Stepping into Macau’s job arena? Job seekers, take note! We’ve got your backs!

This guide shines a spotlight on the essentials of securing your employment pass in the glittering city of Macau. First, let’s get that work visa in check.

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Long-Stay Visa Types For Working In Macau

Generally, Macau has very stringent rules in place, making it difficult to obtain a permit or visa for working here. The Labor Affairs Bureau sets quotas for employers for hiring workers i.e. a company will need contracting authorization from them.

The quotas are granted for short time periods, usually a year or two, and are also reassessed whenever a company applies for renewal.

The work permits assigned under this process are employee-specific and assessed on each case’s own merit.

There are three main types of visas and work permits for non-resident workers in Macau. These are:

  • Visa For Skilled And Non-Skilled Workers – this will apply if you get a job offer from a company based in Macau.
  • Visa For Occasional Workers – this applies when a local company in Macau has a contract with a foreign company for specific services like technical or managerial positions. There is a maximum working limit of 45 days that you can work in six months under this visa.
  • Self-Profit Employment Visa – this is for anyone wishing to set up their own company and conduct business activities for profit.

Who Needs A Macau Employment Visa?

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If you are a nonresident wishing to work in Macau, you will need an employment visa/work permit as well as a blue card (which caters to your residence status). 

Even if you are coming in to Macau from a visa-exempt country i.e. in other circumstances you could stay in Macau for 30 to 180 days without a visa, you will need the work visa is you wish to be employed here.

As far as employers are concerned, any employer can fill a vacancy with a qualified nonresident on a work permit as long as they are unable to find talent locally with the same experience and qualifications.

Categories Eligible To Apply For A Macau Employment Visa

You should apply for a work visa before your arrival in Macau. Before applying for a work/employment visa, check if you fall under one of the eligible categories.

All of these can apply for a work visa, and will in fact need one before they begin working in any capacity.

  • Management and/or technical personnel that are employed (or can potentially be employed) by a company registered in Macau.
  • An individual who has the financial ability to invest in an enterprise that is already registered in the Macau SAR.
  • A foreigner who will be setting up their own business in Macau.

How To Apply For A Macau Work Visa?

You must submit your application either yourself or through a legal representative. If you appoint a representative, they will need to carry a certified letter of authorization as well as their valid ID documents with them.

Moreover, if you have any family members who will be coming with you to Macau, you will need to apply separately for them.

The application comprises two stages: you will first need to apply for a work permit at the Labor Affairs Bureau. Once this has been approved, you will need to contact the Residence and Stay Affairs Department for Authorization to Stay.

Required Documents For A Macau Employment Visa

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You will need the following documents to complete your visa application:

  • A completed copy of the application form.
  • Your valid passport along with a copy.
  • Two 1.5 inch recent, colored photographs.
  • A copy of your academic degrees, proof of your recent work experience or other professional qualifications and a resume. All documents will need to be in either English, traditional Chinese or Portuguese.
  • Your finalized contract with the employer.

Where To Apply For A Macau Work Visa?

You will need to apply and submit all the documents at the Immigration Office or the Border Control Office of the Macau SAR. The standard operating time for these offices is from 9 to 2, every Tuesday to Thursday.

At present, it is not possible to apply online or by sending the documents via mail. You will either need to complete the whole procedure yourself or get a legal representative to do it for you.

Processing Time For Macau Work Visa

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The total processing time for a work visa in Macau is around 45 to 65 days after you have submitted your completed application.

This is longer than the processing time for other kinds of visas (which has to do with the processing required by the Labor Affairs Department).

Arriving In Macau On A Work Visa

Once your application has been approved, you will need to visit the office and enter your fingerprints on the system. You will also need to submit a Declaration of Identification along with the application form that was initially approved.

Once all of this is done, the Authorization to Stay for Non-resident Workers will be granted by the Subdivision. The visa is valid for 2 years initially and can be renewed when required.

The renewal can be for 2 or 3 years depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Once you have the visa (either as a sticker on your passport or an e-visa), you can simply travel to Macau and present it to the immigration officer present at the border control.

If you start working without a work visa or do any work other than is specified on the work visa, it will be an offense punishable by law, having both civil and criminal penalties.

Tips On How To Find A Job In Macau

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If you want to land a job in Macau but are unsure where to start, this section lists down some resources that you might be able to use.

There is no one place however, that will guarantee results. You will need to apply through multiple sources if you are serious about finding work.

Look For A Job Online

It is worth a try to find work through the following resources:

  • General Job Search Engines – there are websites like Macau HR, JobsDB and Career Jet that are a great place to start your search. While the response rate might be low on these, you never know which one could help you!
  • Expat Job Portals – these are websites like LinkedIn and Overseas Jobs that you can use to begin your search in your home country too.
  • Recruitment Agencies – you can drop your CV with recruitment agencies which are closely in touch with companies to find the best talent in the market.
  • Facebook Groups – groups made on Facebook or other social media specifically for finding jobs can also be a helpful resource. They are also usually area specific, meaning that this can help narrow down your search a great deal.
  • Ask Around – you should not underestimate the power of networking! Be sure to ask around you and look for people in your network who have travelled to, or worked in, Macau in the past. They might give you some great opportunities.

Rest assured, the law in Macau ensures that all foreigners who work here have the same degree of minimum protection as guaranteed by the Macau Labor Ordinance.

This means that you will be provided the same benefits and welfare as any employee hired locally.

Apply For The Job You Have Found

Make sure to send in your application on time for any job that interests you. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of standing out in the potential employee pool.

Generally, you will need to send in the following:

  • An updated copy of your resume
  • A cover letter
  • References from previous employers
  • Samples of your work (relevant for certain industries only)
  • Copies of your educational degrees and certificates (though this will usually happen a little later in the recruitment process)

Attend The Job Interview

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A well thought out application will improve your chances of being noticed. As long as you put in some effort in your application, chances are that employers will notice you and invite you for interviews.

Nowadays, potential employers let you interview online as well. That being said, some might still require your physical presence for their screening.

In any case, make sure you are appropriately dressed in business formal attire (depending on the nature of the job) and are adequately prepared for the interview beforehand. There are plenty of resources online that can help you with this preparation.


Navigating Macau’s employment waters can be smooth sailing with the right visa. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge, go forth and conquer the job market.

Macau’s opportunities await your expertise!

Visa Victory!

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